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About me

My name is Aneta Włodarczyk. I am Gestalt psychotherapist in certification in Gestalt Psychotherapy School in Warsaw. Program of the school is approved by EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy) and EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy).


Main areas of my work are: neurosis, anxiety, traumas, depression, relationships (f.e toxic or abusive relationships, infidelity, breakup, divorce), grieving, psychosomatic issues, sexuality, crisis or changes in life. I am LGBTQ+ friendly psychotherapist and I support body positivity. 


In my work the most important  is the relationship between client and psychotherapist what is the main healing factor. During therapy I will help you to transform schemas you have in your relationships in life and extend your capabilities to react to situations in your life in a more flexible way. During psychotherapy sessions I am active - I listen and ask questions. I also work with drama techniques. 


My basic approach is gestalt  and I also use other: Carl Jung psychotherapy, process-oriented psychology, Alexander Lowen’s method. I also use mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques if needed.


​I offer individual psychotherapy sessions for adults and teenagers. I run women’s circles. I was working with policeman with PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) during my clinical training in hospital in Otwock. I work under supervision (my supervisor is Marcin Szczygieł). Ioffer online psychotherapy sessions. 


I finished biology studies specializing with biochemistry at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. In my life I tried few career paths. When I started self development I decided I really want to become a psychotherapist.  I am familiar with life changes and dealing with loss. 


In my work I try to combine heart and mind. I was working as an IT programmer before I became a psychotherapist. Sports and trainings are important to me as well as social activism and zerowaste lifestyle. I support sex positive movement based on safety, pleasure and consent. 


In my free time I renovate old fashioned furniture and go for walks with my dog.

I work with people who:

  • Want to feel better in relationships - loneliness, breakup or divorce, problems in staying in long term relationships, setting boundaries in relationships, abusive or toxic relationships, infidelity, long distance relationships,

  • Experienced or are experiencing loss in life, are in grieving period

  • Want to cope better with anger or tension in life,

  • Are anxious, ashamed, feel blamed,

  • Are depressed, have mood swings, suicidal thoughts,

  • Are nonheteronormative (LGBTQ+), are in polyamoric relationships,

  • Are in life changing period, need to take decisions, are in crisis, experience job burnout, are lost in their life

  • Experienced trauma in life - abuse, rape, life threat, have PTDS symptoms,

  • Have problems with accepting their body or sexuality, 

  • With psychosomatic issues when medical background of symptoms was excluded

  • With narcissistic personality trait,

  • Want to understand their needs

Contact me

You can contact me via phone, sms, by email or sending a message on facebook profile.  

If I won’t be able to answer the phone - I will call back later. 

Address: Górskiego 1.

Both places are in the center of Warsaw. 

I also offer online psychotherapy sessions. 

One session costs 150zł per 50min.

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